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Welcome to georgeboyledesigns, a holistic masterplanning, architectural and strategic consultancy practice dedicated to making things �better. 

We are currently working on a brand new website that will be launching soon!
In the meantime, you can get in contact by e-mailing george@georgeboyledesigns.com, or visiting our social media links below

About Us.

At georgeboyledesigns, we believe that smart, affordable, comfortable, cool and beautiful are completely compatible concerns in design, and can even be attained with projects that efficiently work to your intended purpose.

We recognise the courage of investment and underwrite this commitment with bespoke interventions to suit your needs, personally and professionally - to capture the full scope of your aspirations to help realise your dreams.

Our Approach.

We are most at home with work that challenges and provokes, and respond with decisive, sustainable and conscientious designs of sympathy, substance and quality.

Our designs are compositions: to enhance the personal experience of Place and Space �always aware that value underwrites the art of the possible.

Our efforts are informed by scrupulous attention to context –environment, marketplace, the small, peripheral details �and, most critically, an incisive comprehension of core client conditions and constraints.

Our Philosophy

Philosophy as a discipline is a cornerstone of our methodology. We are committed to facilitating insight and determination, with sincere integrity and originality.

We are grounded in a practical sense of craft, of purpose, of economic value, of statutory credibility, of technical sophistication and of professional integrity.

Our focus on the holistic fit to client and user needs captures the concept of habitable comfort, delivering integrated visions that continue to surprise and surpass anticipation.


Fumbally Exchange
5 Dame Lane
Dublin 2

Phone Number.

Phone: + 353 (0) 86 8098205



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